Wrath of the Hard Market

It is called “The Hard Market,” and if your insurance broker is not talking to you about it now, you will experience its wrath shortly. On top of all the other challenges of 2020, you can expect a SIGNIFICANT increase in your insurance prices on renewal.

Put simply, the cost of your insurance is going up tremendously, while your ability to obtain certain coverages is diminishing. We won’t take the time to explain all the “why’s” today. But, unless you make plans now, you can expect quite an unwelcome surprise shortly.

Here is the good news: There is a way to take much of the pain out of the pricing increase. It requires working with a broker who understands how to negotiate the insurance marketplace AND deliver the necessary resources to reduce your expenses.

Most brokers only address one thing: the price of insurance. Unfortunately, this year’s comparison will likely lead to a negative outcome.

That is not good enough for a smart business person. You can’t stay in the problem. You must find a solution that is lasting and not subject to the winds of the insurance marketplace.

As an Analytic Broker, we will provide you with a complete picture of your current costs. Not just insurance, mind you, but all the additional expenses your business is experiencing. Then, we will provide you with solutions that are within your control with our help.

If you are not currently receiving that help or are only receiving information about your insurance costs, you are being underrepresented. Without better insight, your organization will be a sitting duck to the continued financial ravages of the "Hard Market".

contact our team today. We’ll provide a no-obligation review of your insurance programs and offer deeper insights so you can budget with improved confidence.

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